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August 30, 1985

Dear Buddy,

I want to thank you for the wonderful time in Beaune last weekend. We all thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the hote1, visiting the caves, and floating through the air.

You've got a wonderful operation going--not only is the ballooning breathtakingly beautiful, but also everyone connected with the program is enthusiastic and friendly. It was exactly the sort of breather that we needed from filming.

Let us know when you get an airship service going; I'm eager to trying flylng again soon. Maybe next summer I'll come to the Alps for a longer holiday--like three days or so.

Thanks again for a delightful adventure.

Best wishes,

Jim Henson


Buddy, we are still knocked out by our wonderful ballooning trip with you. You made it absolutely perfect, and I know not all noveau balloonists are so lucky! Thank you more than I can possibly ever say -- we have told enough people about Buddy bombard to start a stampede and we shall never ever forget the wonderful time we spent in your balloons at the Malcolm Forbes Balloon Festival.

All my best wishes,

Helen Gurley Brown, Editor



"Dear Buddy, WOW--what a spectacular trip!! In recent years we have been fortunate to eqioy travel and exceptional experiences throughout the world--but this has to be one of the very finest adventures of all times. One of the first things I did upon our return was to call our travel agent and encourage her to recommend a Bombard Adventure to clients looking for something different and special.

Two things stand out about the trip. First, was the tremendous professionalism of the Bombard Team. There was never a second when we felt anything but absolute safety and security. This is a tribute to you for selecting and maintaining a highly trained and experienced group. Mike was especially impressive with his skill.

Secondly, you have truly re-defined the term--First Class!! We have never had such personalized service done with the kind of unpretentiousness that makes you feel special but also treats you as one of the family. That is real class. Your personal attention to each detail was greatly appreciated. You can be sure that we will be a return customer, so keep us up to date."

-Dave and Willa Gratz

"We are now home again from a most wonderful ten days in Turkey. From beginning to end it was fun, educational, comfortable and totally unforgettable. Our heartfelt thanks for creating this wonderful experience."

-Eva and Bob Bloch


"I will always remember the French family where we landed, especially their happy faces. It was truly a great treat."

-Mrs. Douglas MacArthur


"Yours is truly a class act, and I congratulate you and thank you for giving me the opportunity to join a very select society. I'll carry the memory of those beautiful flights with me forever."

-Beverly L. Wolf


"The Bombard adventure was far more than promised, and it was worth far more than it cost."

-Marge and Bob Montgomery


"Never have clients returned so enthusiastic and totally satisfied with every aspect of a journey."

-Lisa Mitchell, Travel Agent


"Words are inadequate to describe this marvelous experience. Jim and I both agree that this has been our best vacation ever."

-Jim and Teresa Dawsey


"Absolutely perfect the way it is. Don't change a single thing!!!!!"

-Betsy Harman

"We loved it--people--place--food--and--of course--ballooning were all spectacular--the care and attention you gave us along with the laughs made each day a great adventure and three chapters in my memoirs."

-Dorothy Counney


"Thank you. It was all superbly beautiful. And amazing. I arrived wondering how such an exotic act could be kept together and be all the things promised in your fetching brochure. Well, you certainly did pull it off and the only question remaining is, How ... Superior skills and organization and a great deal of hard work and cooperation, Congratulations!"

-Mrs. Arthur Hartman, Wife of the Former U.S. Ambassador to France

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